The aim of the Parliament in Newman is to enable students to have a voice, a link with staff and to be able to talk about concerns on behalf of the rest of the students throughout the school. We also aim to fundraise for a nominated charity throughout the year.

RepresentativeYear GroupForm
Benn Sherrington7CMS
Aleks Gorecki/Tyler Johnston7AJR
Megan Bunting7SRA
Jacob William/Mollie Rodda7RAH
Emily Ford8API
Anna Brown/Chliodhna Denny8HKE
Bailey Clark/Marni Fuller8JAC
Morgan Barker8FAC
Jack Ward9LNA
Rebecca Bevins9DCG
Emily Harrison9SMO
Cara Woods9JMC
James Driver10ERL
Caitlin Collins10ECN
Thomas Reay10KAN
Chloe Potts/Hamana Harding11JAR
Abbie Davison11HHE
Shane Hall11CLT
Ellie Ward11SIH