Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is used to provide a range of activities, staff and staff time that ensures direct support for students who are entitled to the funding so that they thrive and succeed. The funding is discussed as part of the annual budget-setting process with governors, senior management and all staff. The priorities are determined by the individual and group needs of students entitled to Free School Meals at any time in the last six years (Ever 6 FSM), those children who are “Children Looked After” and students whose parents serve in the armed forces in the last five years (Ever 5 service child). Details of our current Pupil Premium strategy can be found here.

We also receive funding for numeracy and literacy of £11,000 (2015) and are awaiting an award of further funding in February depending on student numbers. Following the success of last years interventions we intend to continue with the same programme of study.

This investment was used to work with students on IDL Cloud in specially arranged intervention sessions. IDL Cloud is a spelling and reading programme designed for students who have a low level of literacy and those with dyslexia. Students complete a minimum of two thirty minute sessions every week and the programme has had an immediate impact. Since beginning the programme students have shown a significant increase in both their reading and spelling ages. Reading ages have increased by an average of 9 months and students’ spelling ages have increased by an average of 12 months  over a 7 month period.

Students have also made progress with numeracy. Working in small groups, 100% of students made progress by completing individual tasks and by receiving individual teaching to directly address their needs. The current budget has allowed for specific interventions to continue for this academic year by providing staffing to work with small groups to meet students’ individual needs. 5 students made 2 sub levels of progress in one year while the remaining students all made progress due to the small group sessions provided by this funding.