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Welcome to our Music Section

If you have any queries regarding Music please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

Mike Deakin
Head of Music

Newman Catholic School, Carlisle

Instrumental Music Lessons

If your child is interested in starting/continuing music lessons here at Newman then please click the button below to download the letter which contains all the relevant information.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Pupils continue or start to develop performing skills in singing, percussion and keyboard skills. They will then use these skills to describe and perform music of different styles on their own and in groups. Music covered includes Gamelan, Composing tunes, Spring by Vivaldi and Looping Weather music with voice alteration.

Year 8

In Year 8 pupils continue to develop their skills further in performing, composing and listening. They will have the chance to develop and use ukuleles and guitars from bass to acoustic and develop a sense of group playing. Music covered will include Tonality, Cover Versions, Blues and Film Music.

Year 9

In music in Year 9 the pupils continue to use all the skills they have developed in performing, composing and listening to music in a range of styles and from different times and places. After exploring chord sequences and their use, pupils will perform and explore the importance of Rock and Roll music, Dance Music and then create their own pop song after exploring the features of popular pop songs.

Key Stage 4 – Years 10/11

At present pupils follow the Eduqas GCSE course. There are four areas of study which will incorporate performing, appraising and composing.

  • AoS1 Musical Forms and Devices – an exploration of eras in orchestral music and structures used by composers.
  • AoS2 Music for ensemble – exploration texture and sonority of combinations of groups of players.
  • AoS3 Film Music – how films music is created, developed and performed and its impact on the audience.
  • AoS4 Pop Music – different idioms of pop music are explored as well as composing techniques and development of pop culture through the ages.

It is split 4 components :-

Unit 1: Performance – pupils will perform a minimum of 2 pieces with one being a solo and one being an ensemble. The duration must be between 4 and 6 minutes. 30% of the qualification.

Unit 2: Composing and appraising music.

Two compositions, one set a brief released by the exam board and one linked to the area of study. Compositions to be 3-6 minutes in length. 30% of the qualification.

Unit 3: Listening and appraising.

The final exam:  Is 1hr and 15 minutes long. It assesses their knowledge of the 4 areas of study as well as musical aural skill. This is the final 40% of the qualification.

Instrumental Timetable

Each pupil will be given a timetable for lessons for each half term. It is there responsibility to be there on time and with the right instrument and music. These lessons will be billed for even if not attended. If your child loses their timetable, there are spares in the music room.

Singing group

Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes. Come and have a sing of your favourite songs and get music ready for Mass or Christmas.

GCSE Music Year 11 Friday after school from 3.10 to 4.00 pm. This is an opportunity to practice songs, rehearse in groups or add to your coursework composition. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Guitar and Ukulele skills are on a Monday after school. If you want to learn some chords, strumming patterns and link with songs, then this might take your fancy.

If your child has played instruments in the past at primary school, do not hesitate in getting in touch about continuing.

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